How to use online or download and install BAS Off

Option 1: BAS Off Enterprise - download the desktop client.

This is the most full featured option and highly recommended.

BAS Off files can now be accessed from the FAS 3 Desktop software. When you create a new Business in the software it will ask you if you want a desktop file or a BAS Off one. Choose BAS Off.

You can download a Windows installer here: SetupFAS3Desktop.exe

A Mac package is available as well: SetupFAS3Desktop.pkg

Note that the below video is the FAS 3 Desktop install video.

Installation steps

The install steps are really simple now. Just download the installer and run it. There are some additional tips in the video.

Please note:

  • You don't need to uninstall the old version, but there is no point to keeping it.
  • You start it up by clicking on the F logo. BAS Off data can be accessed from the FAS 3 Desktop client now.

Most FAS 3 Desktop videos are relevant. In fact they all are because all the functionality of FAS 3 Desktop is in BAS Off. There are additional features in BAS Off that are not in FAS 3 Desktop and I'm doing additional videos for those.

Web Browser (Zero install) version

Option 2: Use BAS Off online, join here and check the below video for instructions

A web browser based version of BAS Off is available. To join click here. Note that the web browser based version does not implement all the features of the installed version and for that reason the installed version is recommended.

This can be used together with the above version as they both store the data on our servers. If you plan to use both first install the above version then join up at the above link and then grant access from the FAS 3 Desktop client to your web based login.