The most powerful accounting software
for micro and small businesses!

BAS Off has many features that you just don't get in other software:

* Intelligent BAS transaction line linking so that if you miss a transaction, the software knows it's not reported yet and picks it up on the next BAS.

* BAS reconciliation so that after you lodge, the GST, PAYG, FTC and other BAS tax accounts are cleared out. You just see what's outstanding not the whole history.

* The most advanced reconciliations of any accounting software. Reconcile all accounts and keep all reconciliation history. Always know what's receivable or payable at the click of a button.

* Single Touch Payroll (STP) compliant. Easy to use payroll complies with the latest lodgement technologies.

* Payroll robot calculations, which calculate the hours and quantities to pay based on the time sheet and roster of each employee.

* Inventory. Suitable for manufacturing or retailing.

* Easily customiseable sales invoices and other documents. Just download the template document, edit in LibreOffice editor and upload. It's that simple.

...and many more. More information is available in the tutorials on this website.

BAS Off is a very low cost, starting at $120 per year. Many of the features are normally only available to enterprises that pay tens of thousands for their accounting software. We are so confident that you'll enjoy using the software that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee.